Whistle Stop Lunch

Welcome to Edinburgh University George Square Campus
Hungry? Pick a place from the left!

  • Union of Genius Soup Van
      There is nothing like a warm bowl of soup on a cold day in Edinburgh. Parked outside the Chrystal Macmillan Building right around lunch time, forget about the fifty feet it takes to get to Starbucks and just grab a cup of soup instead. The soup is great because their focus is on, “bringing together the best local food ingredients, cook them to well-thought-out recipes, use local suppliers, recycle and help those in need.”
  • Raclette & Coffee
      Raclette is a cow cheese that is perfect for the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich. Using a special raclette grill in the back of this repurposed police box means that you can pick up a hot and filling toastie on the way from Bristo square to the Library. This particular stand also makes a great cup of coffee.
  • On the Roll
      Nothing says lunch in Edinburgh than German takeaway Bratwurst. According to On the Roll what makes their food so special is that, “We import our sausages from a small family owned business, located in the Münsterland region. The Münsterland has the highest density of pig, beef and chicken farmers and butchers in the whole of Germany and the region is very well known for its high quality sausages.”
  • Coffee Stand
      Grilled cheese and Coffee is a stand where you can pick up a three cheese melt for £3.50. They take pride in the coffee they serve and have a long list of different syrups to make it right for you. It’s worth remembering that they will give you a 10p green discount if you bring your own cup!
  • Pizza in a Box
      Pizza in a Box is the place to go if you are looking for some comfort food. Yet another repurposed police box this one has a pizza oven propped up out the back. They make a 6” margarita for £3.50 and can also make you a coffee or tea. There is a wide range of toppings that you can choose from and depending on who is inside the police box there is often some good music playing while you wait.
  • In a Bowl
      In a Bowl is one of the more temporary stands that make their way to George Square a few times a week. They specialise in a mix and match style salad that you can choose yourself. Keep track of their Facebook page to see when they are around and enjoy a healthy lunch before heading back to class.
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